Because if you just need to edit a record you HAVE NOT to upload about 13megs of php script!
We provide less features, of course, but you can have them in just 1 file. (and little modules in the future)

whats in it?

Ok, features are coming, but for now you can:
  • Connect to a database (editing manually the configuration)
  • Browse tables
  • Browse records
  • Order records ASC or DESC for every column
  • Insert / Update / Delete records
  • Execute SQL queries manually.

4 developers

This "tool" is for developers and not for production purpouse.
Here's a list of sub-features that we are sure developers will appreciate =)
  • phpThinAdmin weight is very low
  • no installation, just run it in browser
  • internally, it works with customizable functions
  • there are plenty of css class declarated and you can theme it by adding a phpthinadmin.css file

whats next?

we have a creative mind! and right now we are planning some extraordinary modules for phpThinAdmin.
  • Browse database from gui. not more editing the file manually
  • Dump database to file (zip, gzip, cvs)
  • Export in PDF format
  • XUL interface. to integrate directly into firefox!
  • Remote web service. so you can manage your database all from a get request
  • ACL over tables. "a permission managment system?? and why this??" read on...
  • Easy scaffolding! read phpCake documentation to discover scaffolding.